What To Do When Asbestos Is Disturbed

It is common knowledge that asbestos is a very dangerous material, which was commonly used in Sydney and across the whole country from the 1940’s until it was banned in 2003. Because asbestos was so common, particularly in in building and construction, it is still within the fabric of many new buildings built during the period before the ban. Asbestos is safe if not disturbed or degraded, however, it is incredibly dangerous if friable (fibre crumbling) asbestos is exposed to people. Exposure to this type of asbestos means very fine, unseen fibres can be breathed in to the body causing disastrous health issues.

What Do I Do If I Discover Asbestos?

If you disturb suspected asbestos in your home or workplace, there are immediate steps to be taken. Immediately seal off the area and ensure there is signage to warn others to not enter the area. Unless you are experienced in the handling of asbestos, you should immediately contact your local asbestos consultant in Sydney. They will arrive at the location and likely conduct asbestos air monitoring Sydney using the correct protective gear and be able to assess the risk and come up with a plan for safe removal. If the asbestos is deemed non friable by the Competent Person or Licenced Asbestos Assessor, it can be removed by a Class B asbestos removal contractor.

If you accidentally expose or disturb asbestos and in particular if the asbestos is crumbling and dry, you must act immediately so as to avoid health dangers. At this point it is best to contact an Competent Person or Licenced Asbestos Assessor for advice.  As soon as you realize the asbestos has been disturbed, leave the area and warn others not to go within the area. Find appropriate PPE, in particular face masks to minimise the risk of inhaling any dangerous asbestos micro fibres.

The safest thing to do if asbestos is discovered and disturbed is to leave the area immediately and call in a qualified asbestos consultant in Sydney who can not only manage the situation for you, but put in place a asbestos management plan for any asbestos that is undisturbed and needs to remain in place.



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