Soil Testing And Waste Classifications

Isn’t asbestos just found in buildings not soil?
When most of us think of asbestos contaminated materials, we think about cement based products or asbestos hidden in walls or other construction materials, however asbestos can quite easily end up in soil and underground, and this becomes dangerous when renovations, excavations and digging occurs, disturbing potentially dangerous materials.

Asbestos gets into the soil usually through past demolition or construction carried out before the dangers of asbestos were known and health and safety regulations were put in place. So, if you are planning on demolishing a building which has sat on land occupied since the 1920’s, you should conduct some asbestos soil testing.

246 Asbestos Consulting will visit your site and assess key areas where asbestos may have been spread. We then safely protect ourselves using industry standard practices and PPE whilst we collect soil samples to send off to the lab for testing. Should there be asbestos or asbestos fibres present in the soil, we will work with you on developing an asbestos management plan.

How Do I Dispose Of Asbestos?
There are NSW and National regulations and laws around the safe disposal of asbestos. Before you remove any asbestos from site you should immediately contact a qualified asbestos consultant. Only properly trained asbestos experts should be near the vicinity of exposed asbestos and if asbestos is accidentally disturbed, worker should immediately wear facemasks and vacate the area.

Before you dig, test your soil for asbestos Contact 246 Asbestos Consulting.