Asbestos Registers

Asbestos Registers Including Up To 5 Samples – $500.00

​​We provide a detailed and reliable asbestos registers Sydney which contains the entire known or suspected asbestos-containing materials including a meticulous risk-based assessment of the premises and the condition of all materials. The asbestos register provides the contractors working on a site with the information of where they are likely going to come in contact with asbestos – so that they can take the necessary precautions.

The asbestos register contains information such as Location, Extent, Condition, Accessibility, Friability, and Risk assessment in order to help you:

  • Fulfil your obligations as a contractor or as the caretaker of the premises,
  • Fulfil your health and safety requirements as well as protecting workers/occupiers from hazardous materials.
  • Fulfil legal requirements.

At 246 Asbestos Consulting, we also update the asbestos register annually in order to assess current risks and state of the asbestos in case they have been disturbed, deteriorated, or damaged.

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