Asbestos Management Plans

After completing your survey, we prepare a full-colour report including an asbestos register, asbestos risk-assessment, recommendations, and floor plans. Provided in pdf, this report will explicitly guide you through an effective asbestos management.

You don’t have to worry about any part of the report that isn’t clear to you. At 246 Asbestos Consulting, we also explain the report to you verbally in order to help you understand the most complex part of the report. This also enables us to provide comprehensive answers to all your questions.

In the report, you will find every section which will be included in your survey report. Don’t worry if this feels complicated or you don’t understand. Whenever we send out an asbestos survey report we always talk you through the report so that we can answer any questions you may have.

The details in our report include: General site and survey information, Bulk analysis report / table, Details of the laboratory, Dates when bulk analysis was carried out, Names and signatures of analysts, Material assessments and required algorithm information, Survey company information, Surveyors information, The name and address of the location  surveyed, Date of the report, Date of the survey, The purpose, aims and objectives of the survey, A description of the areas included in the survey, Survey method used, Any variations or deviations from the method, Exclusions and inaccessible areas.

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