Asbestos And Talcum Powder

Recently in the news it has been claimed by Reuters that world famous brand Johnson &
Johnson new as far back as the 70’s the dangers of asbestos and the contamination of it in their
products, particularly baby powder and yet decided not to make it publicly known.
Whether these claims are true or not remains to be seen, however millions have been wiped
from the companies value as the news broke, which shows the fear and danger mismanaged
asbestos and asbestos exposure can bring.

Talc has been used as a beauty product for over 100 years and most of us particularly families
with babies and young children have a tub of talc in the bathroom or nursery. Although it is a
standard, trusted toiletry product, the controversy around asbestos and talc has been risen time
and again in the media.

How Does Asbestos Get Into Talc?
Asbestos is found naturally close to talc when being mined, so contamination is highly possible.
Due to the lightweight nature of the product and that talc often puffs up into the atmosphere and
is breathed in.

How Do I Protect Myself From Asbestos Exposure?
The Cancer Council of Australia in 2016 dismissed the link between asbestos and
pharmaceutical talc as tenuous and unproven at this time. Current Australian products are
deemed safe, so don’t panic and throw away your baby talc, but do take a look at where your
products come from and do your research.
Take a good look at the ingredients in your talk and cosmetics. Talc is an ingredient of choice
for many cosmetic powders and foundations. Be mindful of cheap imports from countries which 

do not have a ban or legislation for asbestos use. A cheap deal, may mean exposure to
dangerous chemicals which can harm you in the future.

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