Air Monitoring

246 Asbestos Consulting offers exceptional air monitoring services to its clients by collecting particles drawn through a filter to collect airborne particles. After this, we deliver the filters to an NATA Acreddated lab where they examine the filter under a microscope in order to calculate its fibre concentration.

Some of the air monitoring services we offer to our customers are:

Background Air Sampling
Here, we place sampling devices strategically to establish the pre-existing fibre in the air prior to any activity. This is done to ensure a proper analysis and to avoid a distorted record of the asbestos fibres.

Leak Testing
At 246 Asbestos Consulting, we carry out a leak testing to ensure that there are no respirable airborne fibres released. We strictly adhere to safety standards and this test is usually carried out when there are other occupants around the workplace.

Personal Exposure Monitoring
Although we engage in this for quite a number of reasons, it is usually adopted to guarantee the safety of workers during the removal of asbestos. We ensure that all safety methods for asbestos removal are strictly adhered to as well as ascertaining the quality of masks and other safety wears.

Clearance Site Certification for Reoccupation
Before you bring in your employees to work on the premises, an Air Monitoring certificate is required to ensure that you can reoccupy the premises.

Reassurance Sampling
At 246 Asbestos Consulting, we carry out a Reassurance Sampling in order to ascertain that the level of fibre concentrations is at a safe level.